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Bug#409317: AW: Bug#409317: installation-report

severity 409338 wishlist
retitle 409338 Please make openssh-server Priority: standard
reassign 409338 openssh-server

(please keep bugs CC'ed. No need to CC me directly)

Michael Valentin a écrit :
> 4. I have Win XP Pro running
>    All clocks (BIOS, Windows and Virtual Machine BIOS) are set to GTM+1
>    I chose these options:
>       Language: German
>       Country: Germany
>       Keyboard: German
> --> Next time I'll use expert install...

Hmmm, that is really weird. The installer should have detected Windows
and therefore assumed that your HW clock is *not* set to UTC.

> 5. I don't know if it was clear that I meant the ssh server.
>    I think the packages name is openssh-server...

This wasn't clear, no. The suggestion actually remains similar and
should be dealt with by the openssh package maintainer.

However, I was mostly OK with ssh being installed on the standard system
while I would actually disagree with an SSH server be part of the
standard system. But I'm not the maintainer..:-)

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