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Bug#409317: installation-report

clone 409317 -1
reassign -1 ssh 
retitle -1 Please make ssh Priority: standard

> 1. Num-Lock is not activated automatically

This has been discussed recently and there seem to be less reasons to
activate it than reasons to not activate it. 

> 2. I don't want to create a standard user

This is documented in the installation manual and is possible in
expert installs. It has been ruled out that default installs can skip
this question and create a new user by default.

> 3. Num-Lock is not activated after completed install & reboot


> 4. Clock is 1 hour early (Germany = GMT+1)

What language/country combination did you choose?

Was the computer clock set to GMT before the install?

Do you use another operating system on the same computer (such as MS

The installer includes a question about the computer clock being set
to UTC or not. It defaults to a UTC clock when no other system is
installed previously and default to a clock set to local time when
Windows is detected. This question is asked during expert installs but
not during default installs.

> 5. ssh has not been installed (I chose Web-Server & Standard-System)

This is not exactly in the hands of the installation team. For this to
happen the ssh package should be Priority: standard

Cloning and reassigning this bug to ssh and leave the decision to its
maintainers. This is very unlikely to happen for etch, now.

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