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Re: debian-installer

On Tue, Jan 30, 2007 at 08:49:24AM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> Robert: Could you provide a bit longer description with the "auto" option 
> in grub?

It just mirrors the same boot options offered by the official installer
(except "rescue" which doesn't make much sense in this context).

The only differences are:

  - "auto" is the default
  - in graphical mode, the GRUB menu is hidden, with a 0 timeout
    (i.e. you have ~1s to press ESC if you want to activate it)

> Running at critical priority is normally really only used for 
> preseeded installations, although I can see the attraction of using it 
> with goodbye-MS...

Yes, I felt like it was quite important to ask the very least questions
possible for the kind of unexperienced users I'm targetting here.

However, when I took this decision...

> Back to Brian and the log you provided...
> Jan 29 09:39:13 main-menu[1135]: INFO: Menu item 'localechooser' selected
> Here I can see you selected English/Australia.
> Jan 29 09:39:39 main-menu[1135]: INFO: Menu item 'ethdetect' selected 
> Jan 29 09:39:41 main-menu[1135]: INFO: Menu item 'netcfg' selected 
> Network configuration seems to have gone fine.
> Jan 29 09:39:47 main-menu[1135]: INFO: Menu item 'choose-mirror' selected 
> At this point you should have had the option to select a mirror and you 
> should have had the option of entering a proxy. By default Australia 
> should have been selected as country for which to display available 
> mirrors.
> But, these questions _are_ skipped and default values (ftp.debian.org) 
> used if you chose the "auto" option.

...I was under the assumption that questions undisplayed due to prio=crit
always reverted to defaults.  Shouldn't the default mirror for Australia be
used instead?

Robert Millan

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