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Bug#408818: cool

On Monday 29 January 2007 15:33, Phill Thorpe wrote:
> I think you (Frans) are the one that is confused.

Please keep assuming that I know what I'm talking about. I do occasionally 
make mistakes, but I also read about 25 installation reports per week and 
I am the release manager of the installation system...

> I dont have a FireWire and I only have one NIC, and it is on the
> motherboard.
> I **never** originally selected any NIC, Debian told me that it could
> **not** detect my NIC. Then I rebooted and ran the install with:
> install interface=eth1

So, send us the output of dmesg (or at least the relevant part of it) from 
the installer. Show us that you actually don't have an eth0, but that you 
do have an eth1.
The reason that I suggested you must have a second NIC is that that is the 
only reason "interface=eth1" could _ever_ do _anything_ remotely useful.

> The only reason that I tried eth1 is because I had the same problem
> in Slackware or maybe Slamd64 once upon a time.

That is weird as interface=xxx is not a kernel parameter, but only a 
debian-installer specific parameter.

As far as I'm concerned, you still have not identified a real issue in the 

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