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Bug#408818: cool

On Mon, 2007-01-29 at 05:53 +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Monday 29 January 2007 05:07, Rick Thomas wrote:
> > Does looking closely at what Phill supplied for his original report
> > help any?:
> No, not really. The fact that 'interface=eth1' works, automatically 
> implies that his NIC already *is* detected.
> Phill is just confused by the fact that there are two NICs detected (the 
> other probably being a FireWire device (although I don't see an obvious 
> listing for FireWire in the PCI info), and during his initial 
> installation he must have selected the incorrect one.

I think you (Frans) are the one that is confused.

> Which interfaces are detected can easily be seen in the output of dmesg 
> (or even in the syslog for the installation).
> >From experience I know that the installer _will_ ask which NIC to use if 
> both a FireWire and a "real" NIC are detected, and the same should happen 
> if two real NICs are detected and both are connected.
> If the question to select a NIC is not asked, then that could be an issue.

I dont have a FireWire and I only have one NIC, and it is on the
I **never** originally selected any NIC, Debian told me that it could
**not** detect my NIC. Then I rebooted and ran the install with:
install interface=eth1

and then and only then was my NIC detected and that is the only
selection that I ever made. I have noticed while booting tonight
that it states "eth0 up" go figure that one. 

The only reason that I tried eth1 is because I had the same problem
in Slackware or maybe Slamd64 once upon a time.

cheers Phill.

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