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Bug#408818: cool

On Monday 29 January 2007 05:07, Rick Thomas wrote:
> Does looking closely at what Phill supplied for his original report
> help any?:

No, not really. The fact that 'interface=eth1' works, automatically 
implies that his NIC already *is* detected.
Phill is just confused by the fact that there are two NICs detected (the 
other probably being a FireWire device (although I don't see an obvious 
listing for FireWire in the PCI info), and during his initial 
installation he must have selected the incorrect one.

Which interfaces are detected can easily be seen in the output of dmesg 
(or even in the syslog for the installation).

>From experience I know that the installer _will_ ask which NIC to use if 
both a FireWire and a "real" NIC are detected, and the same should happen 
if two real NICs are detected and both are connected.

If the question to select a NIC is not asked, then that could be an issue.

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