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Bug#408742: d-i: jmicron pata CD, g965, realtek 8168 + 2.6.18 kernel == failure

On Monday 29 January 2007 02:02, Joshua Rodman wrote:
> This bug report was to let you know about the deficiencies in the
> install experience.  The not-yet-released debian will not be able to
> install on already-7-month-old hardware.  The JMicron controller is
> common on all sorts of 965 chipsets.

We do appreciate that, but as I've said, we can do very little about it 
(except forward your report to the kernel team).

> Should I have filed the bug report directly against the kernel package?
> The driver fixes are small, self contained and were applied in the
> 2.6.19-rc series, so should be easily backported, and I argue that they
> should be.  If I should be the one to do this work, I'm open to trying
> it.

Yes, in principle kernel issues should be reported against 'linux-2.6'. 
Specific bug reports with specific information about upstream patches 
have a much better chance of being included than general "it does not 
work" installation reports.

Note that a new kernel was uploaded a few days ago and that kernel is 
extremely likely to be the final kernel for Etch. I very much doubt that 
there will be another upload. We will be switching to this new kernel for 
the installer within the next week.

I don't see an obvious mention of JMicron in the changelog [1], but maybe 
the fix was included in this latest upload.


[1] http://packages.qa.debian.org/l/linux-2.6/news/20070124T214022Z.html

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