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Re: Slashdot effect

Hi Margarita,

On Sun, Jan 28, 2007 at 11:13:57AM -0300, Margarita Manterola wrote:
> On 1/28/07, Robert Millan <rmh@aybabtu.com> wrote:
> >Due to continued problems with "Slashdot effect" I've moved this 
> >temporarily
> >to gluck (http://goodbye-microsoft.com/ now redirects automaticaly).
> Is "goodbye-microsoft" really the better name for this?  I understand
> that it can be funny. But:
> 1) It's aggressive

I don't think it is.  Agressive would be something like "Ditch the crap
out of your computer and get a real OS".  There's nothing wrong with
advertising as long as it's not insulting (they do the same, remember the
commercial with penguins and all that?).

> 2) It does not say anything about debian

I believe if the domain name stays neutral it'll have more chances to
attract non-debian members of the free software community that will use
it for advocacy.

And at the end, there's only Debian ;)

> 3) You might even be accused of trademark infringement

Trademarks don't work like this.  Infringement would be to use the
trademarked to *refer* to my product.  Since my product is clearly
referred to as "Debian-Installer Loader", there's no chance it can be
confused with a Microsoft product.

> 4) the .com at the end is misleading

Yes, but unfortunately .com extension has lost all its meaning nowadays.
I opted for .com because that makes it easier to remember.

> However, I like the installer for windows idea. Thus, I propose to
> change this into non-aggressive, non-microsoft, debian name as in:
> * get-debian.org (This could even be get.debian.org and be the
> official d-i, g-i, w-d-i page)
> * automatic-debian.org
> * dive-into-debian.org
> * plug-into-debian.org
> * startup-debian.org
> * debian-for-newbies.org
> * debian-for-windows.org
> * etc, etc, etc
> I don't know if using "for windows" is trademark infrigement. It probably 
> is :-\

If you want register any of these domain names, feel free to.  Just let me
know so that I can add it to my apache configuration.

There's nothing wrong with the same site having multiple names :-)

Note, however, that using get.debian.org would imply this is an official
Debian project, which is not (yet) the case.  I intend to integrate it in
the distribution post-etch, though.

Robert Millan

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