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Bug#339855: Bug#408437: cdebconf-gtk-udeb: Rescue mode doesn't work with g-i

Mike Hommey wrote:
On Sun, Jan 28, 2007 at 06:42:15PM +0100, Attilio Fiandrotti <attilio.fiandrotti@gmail.com> wrote:

That's an even better approach than chvt'ing to VT2 and then back by hand.
Is this something we want to have for Etch ?

That would be nice, but not strictly necessary. If I got it well, g-i
won't be the official frontend for d-i for etch. But that's for you d-i
guys to decide on that ;)

.. or better, it's our RM Frans Pop who's got the last word on such issues :) Frans, what's the final coice on this issue: if i write the small app to open the new VT, will it be included in Etch (otherwise i'll add this to the TODO list in the wikipage :)

Having a console widget in the gtk frontend would be neat.

Yep, and even useful for other purposes when gtk/dfb is used.
Is this something we want to definitely put efforts on for Lenny?

This is definitely something I'd be interested in working on, if I have
enough time for that. But I can't tell for sure if I'll have this time.
I've been hacking d-i to create a bootable cd for some other purpose at
work and got interested in d-i. So if I get time between etch and lenny,
you'll probably hear from me again.

I think i was wrong on one point: libvte *can* be built without depending from X11, given proper configure switches are provided (i actually made it sure by building myself a copy), and this makes the task of providing the g-i with a graphical console easier. I'll try to build an experimental g-i ISO by adding the GTK frontend a vte console, to further explore the issue.


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