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Bug#408437: cdebconf-gtk-udeb: Rescue mode doesn't work with g-i

Mike Hommey wrote:
On Sun, Jan 28, 2007 at 11:47:46AM +0100, Attilio Fiandrotti <attilio.fiandrotti@gmail.com> wrote:


I wrote a chvt similar app some months ago, but the final choice was not including it in the installer; anyway if someone wants it, the sourcecode is still available as an attachment in the bug tracker [1].

openvt -s -w is probably better than chvt. It could be used to create a
new vt where the rescue shell will run, and once the shell is exited
(no need to change what the rescue info says) gets back to the original
(g-i) console. This could even be used with text backed d-i.

That's an even better approach than chvt'ing to VT2 and then back by hand.
Is this something we want to have for Etch ?
In the case, i could write a small C to mimic openvt taking all the needed code from console-tools and console-data (otherwise i guess we'll need to include such packages in d-i).

Looking for a more solid solution to this issue, i've been investigating about patching a console widget like libvte or libzvt not to depend from X anymore, so that we can includeit ans an udeb in the g-i and provide a graphical shell from within the GTK frontend. Nowadays libvte is much popular than libzvt, but libzvt is smaller and may find a niche for those non X applications like the g-i. Pherhaps libzvt author would be interested in working on this with the d-i team.

Having a console widget in the gtk frontend would be neat.

Yep, and even useful for other purposes when gtk/dfb is used.
Is this something we want to definitely put efforts on for Lenny?

Finally, should this bug be merged with 339855 (cc'ed)?

Sounds reasonable.

I see 408437 has a patch, so letting frans decide whether to do this or not.



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