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Bug#407689: tasksel: Please consider adding a Development task for Etch

Frans Pop wrote:
> Recently the priority of a number of development packages was lowered from 
> standard which means they are no longer installed by default. This is a 
> good thing, but IMO it would be nice if these packages could be installed 
> in an easy way using a Development task.

The problem with adding a development task has always been, and
continues to be, that people do not use the same tools for development,
and that there are no good defaults beyond basic C-style development
tools. This is why #266702 is still open. The fact that those default
C development tools are no longer in standard still doesn't make
"development" a sensible task. It's not the same class of thing as
running a web server or using a desktop, both of which can be
accomplished well, if not perfectly for everyone, with a predetermined
list of software.

I would also like to stop making changes to the etch tasks Very soon.

> If creation of a task is not an option, then please reassign to debian-cd 
> as IMO we should at least make sure that some of these packages are 
> available on the 1st CDs to enable people to build custom kernels or 
> modules after installation.

Might be a good idea to do that.

see shy jo

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