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Bug#407689: tasksel: Please consider adding a Development task for Etch

Package: tasksel
Version: 2.66
Severity: wishlist

Recently the priority of a number of development packages was lowered from 
standard which means they are no longer installed by default. This is a 
good thing, but IMO it would be nice if these packages could be installed 
in an easy way using a Development task.

The main challenge will be to get translations for the task, but possibly 
we can find existing translations somewhere.

The following list of packages is now no longer installed by default
(65MB installed; 19MB download):
binutils (dep)
bzip2 (recommended by dpkg-dev; suggested by tar, apt)
cpp (dep from build-essential)
cpp-4.1 (dep)
dpkg-dev (dep from build-essential)
g++ (dep from build-essential)
g++-4.1 (dep)
gcc (dep)
gcc-4.1 (dep)
libc6-dev (dep; dep from build-essential)
libssp0 (dep)
libstdc++6-4.1-dev (dep)
linux-kernel-headers (dep)
manpages-dev (dep)

In addition, I think the following packages could be part of a Development 
task (10MB installed; 3.5MB download):
po-debconf (dep)

If creation of a task is not an option, then please reassign to debian-cd 
as IMO we should at least make sure that some of these packages are 
available on the 1st CDs to enable people to build custom kernels or 
modules after installation.

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