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Bug#407063: wine in desktop task?

Hello there ...

Maybe i am contributing for the wrong distro.

Dom, 2007-01-21 às 11:25 +0100, Geert Stappers escreveu:
> Op 16-01-2007 om 23:54 schreef Luis Matos:
> > i agree on wine to stand in the desktop task.
> > 
> > Desktop task should cover user's possible activities and it's normal
> > that any user (mostly new users) to try to run a certain windows
> > application.
> > 
> > The question is ... Why not?
> Debian is about free software. Free as is in freedom of speech (not free drinks)

> Wine, the Wine Is No Emulator, exists mostly to run not so free software.

> But people are free to run non free software.
> ( For me is Debian also about freedom )

> It is a good thing to explain to those who believe they need wine,
> that they need to do something extra when they want non-free software.

So ... when a new user runs a program he bought in linux and really sees
that he does not work ... well ... because his program is not
opensource ... is not runnable in linux?

> So, not including wine in the desktop task,
> is the best way to tell what Debian is all about.


just so make the thing hotter ... o you defend debian should move wine
for non-free.


No. Debian is about distributing free as in speech software that can run
syde-by-side (or on bottom) with proprietary programs. 

Having a "free" system is to have the ability to run both. Other way,
the system is not free at all.

Besides all this free story ...

I am really not right about including wine. For a new user it is a good
thing, but maybe most users don't use it (because they only use software
that is designed for linux).

But, maybe it's useful to be there when a windows program appears. The
user would be surprised for it to work in linux (i did sometime ago).

My story is an example. I use linux only software and installed wine
because ... i just did. Someday i just executed an install
(unconscionably, just clicked on top of it) and after that, i was
waiting for the error popup when ... it ran. I was tremendously pleased
about it.

If i hadn't wine installed, that would never happen.
> Cheers
> Geert Stappers

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