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Re: Base Installation Challenges

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Geert Stappers wrote:
> Op 20-01-2007 om 11:02 schreef Darwin Pintado:
>> Hello to All,
>> I am current having some challenge in installing Debian to my box. Upon 
>> booting from CD, I am getting an error:
>> kmod: failed to exe4c /bin/true -s -k net -pf -1. err no = 2
>> I don't have any idea what this error could be. I previously installed 
>> Ubuntu on my box but right now I am some issues.
>> Please advise on what seems to be the problem.
> Problem seems to be an impatience user,
> who does NOT take the time tell what is going on at his/her side.

There is no reason to flame a person right from the start. People should be
educated into doing the proper things, but usually being gentle when doing
that yields better results.

> The usual trick is to ask for information, such as:
> * From which location is the CD?
> * What is the build date of the CD?
> * Which hardware is used? At least should be mentioned the architecture.

But indeed, these are questions that the user needs to answer in order for us
to be able to help him/her.

> And there also the check if reporter cares about his/her problem.
> To find out, reply to the list. When he/she replies, you known
> that the person reads more that his/her own E-mail.

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