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Bug#407063: wine in desktop task?

Op 16-01-2007 om 23:54 schreef Luis Matos:
> i agree on wine to stand in the desktop task.
> Desktop task should cover user's possible activities and it's normal
> that any user (mostly new users) to try to run a certain windows
> application.
> The question is ... Why not?

Debian is about free software. Free as is in freedom of speech (not free drinks)

Wine, the Wine Is No Emulator, exists mostly to run not so free software.

But people are free to run non free software.
( For me is Debian also about freedom )

It is a good thing to explain to those who believe they need wine,
that they need to do something extra when they want non-free software.

So, not including wine in the desktop task,
is the best way to tell what Debian is all about.

Geert Stappers

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