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Re: Base Installation Challenges

Op 20-01-2007 om 11:02 schreef Darwin Pintado:
> Hello to All,
> I am current having some challenge in installing Debian to my box. Upon 
> booting from CD, I am getting an error:
> kmod: failed to exe4c /bin/true -s -k net -pf -1. err no = 2
> I don't have any idea what this error could be. I previously installed 
> Ubuntu on my box but right now I am some issues.
> Please advise on what seems to be the problem.

Problem seems to be an impatience user,
who does NOT take the time tell what is going on at his/her side.

The usual trick is to ask for information, such as:

* From which location is the CD?
* What is the build date of the CD?
* Which hardware is used? At least should be mentioned the architecture.

And there also the check if reporter cares about his/her problem.
To find out, reply to the list. When he/she replies, you known
that the person reads more that his/her own E-mail.

Geert Stappers

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