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Bug#407205: LVM Volume deleted from graphical installer

Frans Pop wrote:
On Wednesday 17 January 2007 12:45, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:

As a result, the last activated option is always made default for
SELECT questions, no matter the user pressed <Back>.

This was considered a minor bug, so never spent time in fixing it:
should i do it now ?

If you have time, yes please.
I do consider this a serious bug as it leads to unpredictable behavior when compared to the newt frontend.

We have to take into consideration that most scripts will be written and tested mainly in the newt frontend, so structural differences in behavior as in this case should be avoided.

Sorry for not judging your earlier bug report correctly, but after being confronted with this concrete bug report I do think it is essential to get this fixed. There is no way to know what other bugs there may still be because other scripts make the same assumptions as the LVM script did.

I just sent a reply with a patch for this bug to the BTS, but my mail did not hit d-boot, pherhaps because of patch size.



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