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Bug#407205: LVM Volume deleted from graphical installer

retitle 395489 Handler for single SELECT and MULTISELECT questions updates debconf database even if BACK is selected
severity 395489 normal
severity 407205 normal
merge 395489 407205

Frans Pop wrote:
On Tuesday 16 January 2007 21:27, Frans Pop wrote:

The second problem _is_ in the graphical frontend. It turns out that
the value of a question is changed even if <GoBack> is selected. In
this respect it behaves different from the regular frontend.
Cloning your report to cdebconf-gtk-udeb for this issue.

This issue may a bit more subtle than this: the frontend may just be setting a proper default for the question. However, this is still not desired behavior when GoBack is used.

Ok, i've already seen this before and even filed a BR (#395489).
For single SELECT and MULTISELECT questions, which are all dislayed using a GtkTreeView, the question's value gets set in debconf database every time the user clicks/moves on a row.

As a result, the last activated option is always made default for SELECT questions, no matter the user pressed <Back>.

This was considered a minor bug, so never spent time in fixing it: should i do it now ?



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