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Bug#407039: LVM Volume deleted from graphical installer

Package: installation-reports
Severity: critical
Justification: unrequested Volume removal -> substantial data loss

Boot method: CD
Image version: installer build 20070109-03:51


When using the graphical installer (either installgui or expertgui) the 
mapping appears to be set incorrectly for the "Go Back" button on the screen 
asking to confirm LVM volume deletion and the selected volume is deleted 
instead of being left alone as would be expected. This is the case whether 
the volume was pre-existing or just created, as well as for existing or newly 
created volume groups.

Since the non-graphical installer works as expected, it appears to be a simple 
misconfigured button binding, albeit an unfortunate one.

Steps to reproduce from the partitioning menu:
* "Configure the Logical Volume Manager"
* Keep current, activate existing VGs
* "Delete Logical Volume", select "Continue"
* on screen to select volume select any of them, click "Go Back"
* The selected volume is still deleted

Joel Johnson

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