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Bug#407492: Add ieee80211_crypt_wep for use during install

reassign 407492 kernel-wedge
severity 407492 wishlist

On Thursday 18 January 2007 22:51, Eric Work wrote:
> I am trying to use the bcm43xx module during installation for "Debian
> Etch Rc1 NetInstall" but I am unable to since module
> ieee80211_crypt_wep is not available.  This is required to access
> networks which require WEP using the BCM43XX based cards.  Also it
> would be nice to have the related wpa modules available but it seems
> the installer doesn't handle that right now.

This module seems to be part of the i386 and amd64 kernel images, so 
should not be a major problem to include it.

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