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Bug#407492: Add ieee80211_crypt_wep for use during install

Package: debian-installer
Version: etch rc1 netinstall

I am trying to use the bcm43xx module during installation for "Debian Etch Rc1 NetInstall" but I am unable to since module ieee80211_crypt_wep is not available. This is required to access networks which require WEP using the BCM43XX based cards. Also it would be nice to have the related wpa modules available but it seems the installer doesn't handle that right now.

My system does not have a wired ethernet card so I need wireless access to install with the latest packages. To prepare the system I put the firmware, which was previously extracted using a livecd, on a USB memory stick. I then switch to tty2 right after the installed boots (before hw detection) and copy the files to /lib/firmware as needed. When the installer gets to the network setup it finds the card with no problem and even finds the network on its own.

As a workaround for not using WEP, I setup my powerbook as an access point with no required WEP key then manually specified the network settings. After doing this I was able to update apt source and install the latest packages.

What are the chances of getting this module included in the next release?

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