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Bug#407246: installation-report: printer configuration failed during install

Frans Pop wrote:
> Bob Proulx wrote:
> > In the middle of the installation the installation failed (red
> > background screen) with a printer configuration failed message.  I do
> > not have a printer attached to the machine.  I think a lot of machines
> > will be without a printer attached.  I think this would have confused
> > many people.
> To be honest, I do not have the faintest idea what you are referring to. 

Unfortunately I did not have a camera handy and could not capture the
image.  An error had apparently occurred during the installation and
the message indicated that it was a printer configuration error.  The
installation displays this information against a red background.

> What was the package being installed when this happened and could you 
> cite the exact error messages displayed? You may be able to find some 
> indication of this in /var/log/installer/syslog, but you may have to 
> repeat the installation.

Unfortunately no because I am using the machine to develop a full
preseed file and have reinstalled since then.

> I cannot tell from your preseed file which tasks you selected for 
> installation.

The preseed file I used at that time did not specify any files.  The
interactive task selection dialog box was presented.  I kept the
defaults, Desktop and standard system, and installed the default set
of packages.  I made no customizations and simply pressed enter using
the defaults provided.

My whole purpose in the preseed file is to reduce the tediousness of
the interactive portion when using a custom local depot.  I was using
an apt-cache depot from a Sarge machine.  That should be completely
transparent and *should* reflect the current state of the live depot.
Since I was installing amd64 bits and had not done so before no files
were cached and all needed to be downloaded for the first
installation, therefore I believe that to be double true in this
particular case.  Entering a long deb source entry into d-i at
installation time is a little tedious when installing on a large
number of machines hence the preseed file.  My real purpose is to
develop a fully automated installation.  My test was simply a
development turn-on test.

I have installed using the same installation media four times since
then and the error has not reappeared.  Since this is the business
card image and all packages are downloaded from the network I can only
imagine that something in the external set of packages changed.

> Without additional information I don't see how we can follow up on this 
> issue.

I was simply following the instructions:


  "After using the Debian-Installer, please send us an installation
  report, even if there weren't any problems."

And here too:


  "We also encourage installation reports to be sent even if the
  installation is successful, so that we can get as much information
  as possible on the largest number of hardware configurations."

I assumed the information concerning the hardware with pci ids and
such would go into a database that could be referenced to determine if
a particular piece of hardware had previously installed successfully
or not.

Of course I was expecting the printer configuration failure to be
repeatable at the time that I reported it.  But especially since it
has not failed in the subsequent installations I can only assume that
something external influenced it.  This is a business card image and
so is quite possible to be influenced by external events.  If a trend
emerges then this is perhaps a useful datapoint.  If not then this is
still just a datapoint.

To be clear on this matter, I am not expecting anything.  I am an
experienced Debian user and admin and am generally quite pleased with
the new installer.  Things are in general working very well.  Thanks
to everyone who has worked hard to get it to this point.  And thank
you for putting in the effort to read and respond to the installation


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