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Bug#407378: Installation Report

Package: installation-reports




Debian-installer-version: Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 r4 "Sarge" - Official i386 Binary-1 CD <January 13, 2007and from where:http://debian.fastbull.org/debian-cd/ >

uname -a: <The result of running uname -a on a shell prompt>

Date: <Date and time of the install> January 15, 2007

Method: How did you install? CD What did you boot off? CD  If network

      install, from where?  Proxied?


Machine: Packard Bell

Processor:Pentium Pro

Memory: 32MB RAM

Root Device: ? (Hard Drive)

Root Size/partition table:           #1 Priamary 2.5GB B F ext3 /

                                                #5 Logical 90.4MB f swap swap

                                                #6 Logical 5.9GB f ext3 / home


Output of lspci and lspci -n: ?


Base System Installation Checklist:

[O] = OK, [E] = Error (please elaborate below), [ ] = didn't try it


Initial boot worked:    [O]

Configure network HW:   [O]

Config network:         [O]

Detect CD:              [O]

Load installer modules: [O]

Detect hard drives:     [O]

Partition hard drives:  [O]

Create file systems:    [O]

Mount partitions:       [O]

Install base system:    [O]

Install boot loader:    [O]

Reboot:                 [O]


Comments/Problems: Had a problem when I tried to start the Gnome desktop using "startx" command.  I later discovered that the PS/2 mouse was not recognized and I replaced it with a USB mouse, rebooted the system, signed-on and typed "startx".  Everything is working fine now.


<Description of the install, in prose, and any thoughts, comments

      and ideas you had during the initial install.>

I downloaded and burned CD's 1 through 15 from the Debian website.  I loaded the 1st CD and read the "read me file"  I do not know the Unix OS but the documentation was very helful.


I still do not know how to install any other programs or applications from the other CD discs.  I've installed programs from the 1st CD using the "aptitude" command.  It would be very helpful if there was some docmentation on installing other programs from additional CDs.


Install logs and other status info is available in /var/log/debian-installer/.

Once you have filled out this report, mail it to submit@bugs.debian.org.


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