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Bug#407039: LVM Volume deleted from graphical installer

clone 407039 -1
reassign 407039 partman-lvm
tags 407039 + pending
reassign -1 cdebconf-gtk-udeb
retitle -1 Changes value of question when GoBack is selected

On Monday 15 January 2007 20:16, Joel Johnson wrote:
> When using the graphical installer (either installgui or expertgui) the
> mapping appears to be set incorrectly for the "Go Back" button on the
> screen asking to confirm LVM volume deletion and the selected volume is
> deleted instead of being left alone as would be expected. This is the
> case whether the volume was pre-existing or just created, as well as
> for existing or newly created volume groups.
> Since the non-graphical installer works as expected, it appears to be a
> simple misconfigured button binding, albeit an unfortunate one.

Thanks for spotting this issue. There are actually two problems here.

The lvm component of partman was not really using the debconf protocol 
correctly. This did not show up in the regular frontend, but it does 
result in the behavior you saw in the graphical frontend.
I've fixed this in SVN.

The second problem _is_ in the graphical frontend. It turns out that the 
value of a question is changed even if <GoBack> is selected. In this 
respect it behaves different from the regular frontend.
Cloning your report to cdebconf-gtk-udeb for this issue.


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