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Re: Debian has failed us

> Mat has an important point here.  Too often, I've seen: "I'm sorry  
> about the bugs you've encountered post-install.  It sounds like the  
> install itself went fine.  I'm closing this report."   Usually, the  
> person making the report doesn't have a clue about the fine points of  
> which package team is responsible for the bug she has encountered.   
> The person best able to make that determination is the person who  
> fields the installation report.  But it seems that person can't be  
> bothered to pass the report along, and feels no responsibility to try.

I am afraid this is most of the time incorrect. I have even seen
closed install reports reopened by Frans, in particular, and
reassigned to the relevant package.

I suggest you have a look at the various xorg packages bug log, for
instance, and track down issues that have been initially reported as
install reports.

Nothing is perfect when it comes at install reports handling. Such
reports are sent for more than 3 years now and the number is very

Processing them is a very time-consuming task, which D-I team members
do as best as they can. The job of reassigning bug reports outside the
D-I team maintained area needs a very wide knowledge of Debian in
general, an experience that is a very "expensive" ressource (I know
about 3-4 people in the D-I team who would qualify for this). Up to
now, no perfect solution has been found to guarantee that an issue
reported outside the scope of D-I will be reassigned to the correct
package. However, I think we can tell that the most important issues
are handled, which is already a pretty good result with the not so
unlimited manpower we have.

Of course, the team is opened to suggestions...and help, in that
work. In contrary to what has been suggested by this thread, the D-I
team is one of the most opened teams in Debian (actually most
maintenance teams in the project are very opened....essentially
because we're certainly facing a scaling problem in the whole

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