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Bug#404485: installation-reports: Installation fails on Digital UDB Multia (alpha)

On Sun, Jan 07, 2007 at 05:31:09PM +0100, Martin Lambers wrote:
> On Sun, 07. Jan 2007, 03:08:30 -0800, Steve Langasek wrote:
> > > A netinst CD image.

> > Please give the jigdo image at
> > http://people.debian.org/~vorlon/tgatest/debian-40-alpha-NETINST-1.{jigdo,template}
> > a try and let me know if it works for you.

> Thank you very much!

> Booting from the CD succeeded. I got messages from aboot up to 
> "aboot: starting kernel boot/vmlinuz with arguments ramdisk_size=16384 root=/dev/ram devfs=mount,dall".

> I did not see any messages from the Linux kernel, but after a while, the
> TGA framebuffer was activated and the installer started on it.

Hmm, nice :)

Ok, as it happens the framebuffer udeb on alpha also includes the matroxfb
modules, which are currently completely broken at least on my card -- so I
can't just drop this udeb into the installer without breaking my own ability
to test/install. :)  But I can drop the matrox modules from the fb-modules
udeb for the time being, and create an alternate udeb for later testing

> After choosing the language, country, and keyboard type, I got a message
> saying "No kernel modules were found. This is probably due to a mismatch
> between the kernel used by this version of the installer and the kernel
> version available in the archive. Continue without loading kernel
> modules?". 

Right, that's entirely possible. :-)  Just knowing that the framebuffer
works for you is a good test; once we get this into a real installer it
should work a bit better.

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