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Bug#406912: tasksel-data: Should add numlockx to desktop

Samuel Thibault wrote:
> My point is that very _few_ people know that installing numlockx is just
> sufficient for having numlock set at bootup, while I guess (maybe that's
> only a guess, but neither of us can answer, only polling can) that most
> people would prefer numlock set.  Or rather: it's quite difficult for
> those people that want it do discover that they should just install
> numlockx, hence documentation.

I still don't understand why most people will want to configure their
computer to use something different from the bios default. If I want
numlock on, I set it in the bios, then it's always on, even during early
bootup. A program that turns it on when X starts feels strongly of hack
to me.

see shy jo

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