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Bug#406912: tasksel-data: Should add numlockx to desktop

Joey Hess, le Mon 15 Jan 2007 23:19:03 -0500, a écrit :
> Samuel Thibault wrote:
> > But there's a laptop task, isn't there a way to have it somehow
> > "conflict" with numlockx?
> You think the laptop task is installed on all laptops? I'm sure this is
> not the case, for various reasons.
> This point about laptops is enough for me to give up on the idea.

numlockx should then be properly advertised another way: in the X
section of debian manual, FAQ, or any other official place where people
would find it.

My point is that very _few_ people know that installing numlockx is just
sufficient for having numlock set at bootup, while I guess (maybe that's
only a guess, but neither of us can answer, only polling can) that most
people would prefer numlock set.  Or rather: it's quite difficult for
those people that want it do discover that they should just install
numlockx, hence documentation.


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