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Bug#406499: Problem with xorg configuration

nisse@lysator.liu.se wrote:
> I selected the "desktop" task during the installation process. This
> generated an xorg configuration file specifying the display driver
> ivtvdev, and this was also the only driver that was installed on the
> system. Then X failed to start, with an error message like "No device
> found" (sorry, I didn't keep the log).

This is a known problem, which you can find documented here:


> * The package xlockmore is missing (apt-get just gives "Package
>   xlockmore has no installation candidate"). I'm using the debian
>   mirror on http://ftp.sunet.se, not just the installation CD.

xlockmore is not currently included in the testing distribution, because
it has two unfixed release critical security bugs.

see shy jo

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