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Re: live and install in one CD?

"Alex Owen" <r.alex.owen@gmail.com> writes:

> At the risk of repeating myself a normal deb that had a gui/text-ui to
> create a preseed file might be the way to go.
> This preseed-generator could then be installed in the livecd and could
> append the generated preseed to the normal d-i initramfs and use
> kexec to bootinto d-i ...

The problem that I see here in that AFAIK some machines aren't
compatible with kexec but I hadn't yet tested it extensively to be

If we could use kexec the normal g-i/d-i would "just work" probably.

> [3] a gui to create preseed files (for free!)

But then store that generated file somewhere (usb-stick, for example)
and then boot pointing to it?

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