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Bug#405971: Installation report: works on SGI 02 (mips r5k-ip32)

* Joerg Hoh <joerg@joerghoh.de> [2007-01-07 18:15]:
> The machine has 64M of RAM and the d-i installs in a low-memory-mode, which

It should not use lowmem mode with 64 MB RAM.  Can you please open a
shell in the installer and do:

ram=$(grep ^MemTotal: /proc/meminfo | { read x y z; echo $y; }) || true
ram=$(expr "$ram" / 1024)
echo $ram
cat /proc/meminfo

> results in directly using fdisk to create the partitions. Does
> Debian now need > 64M RAM to offer a decent partition interface?

No, that's a different issue.  fdisk is used on all SGI machines
(regardless of how much RAM you have) because parted doesn't support
the SGI disklabel properly.
Martin Michlmayr

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