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Consider including new dmidecode version 2.8-3 into etch

I was recently told by the upstream author of dmidecode that an old
bug with dmidecode on x86-based Mac-machines has been solved in
upstream CVS.  This evening I had a look, and discovered that the
alignment problem on ia64 is also solved there.  These two issues are
the only bugs reported against the debian package, and having these
fixed should improve the debian-installer behaviour on both

Please consider upgrading dmidecode in etch with version 2.8-3.  I've
read through the patch and did not saw any risky changes.  I believe
it should be safe to include.  It include an udeb as it is used by
d-i, so the d-i team should comment on this before it is done.  Cc

It was uploaded a few minutes ago with low urgency, so it will take
~10 days before it is ready to enter etch on its own.

Petter Reinholdtsen

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