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Bug#403706: allow-hotplug and udev

Frans Pop wrote:
> +            fprintf(fp, "# Because to potential problems bringing up hotpluggable interfaces\n");
> +            fprintf(fp, "# both an 'auto' and 'allow-hotplug' are used.\n");
> +            fprintf(fp, "# See bugs #403706 and #403805 for further information.\n");
> +            fprintf(fp, "# If %s is an interface that does not really need hotplugging, you\n", iface);
> +            fprintf(fp, "# can safely remove the allow-hotplug line and these comments.\n");

We're not doing this to work around #403805. That's a udev bug, which
should not ship in etch, since the fix for RC bug #403804 will also fix

I really dislike spamming the interfaces file with this huge and ugly
comment. The release notes are a better place to document this kind of

I also agree with Steve that nobody is going to understand the
circumstances when it's safe to remove the allow-hotplug. Moreover,
there's no _reason_ to remove the allow-hotplug, since if your interface
is in fact not hotpluggable, it's a total no-op to leave it in.

see shy jo

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