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Bug#403706: allow-hotplug and udev

reassign 403706 release-notes
severity 403706 important

On Tuesday 19 December 2006 22:19, Joey Hess wrote:
> It's not particularly clear to me that this is a d-i bug though. If
> ifupdown/udev doesn't behave correctly/reliably for allow-hotplug
> interfaces that are cold-plugged at system boot, shouldn't it be fixed?
> We certianly have users with those sorts of interfaces, after all.

After some discussion on IRC (see below), I've decided to cut the knot and 
downgrade this to a documentation issue rather than a configuration 
issue. I'll add some info about this issue in the errata for D-I and 
reassigning this BR to the Release Notes for documentation there.

<fjp> joeyh: I've not yet uploaded netcfg because of #403706. What is your 
current view on that, given that both udev issues are now fixed?
<joeyh> fjp: It's a time bomb. If we'd prefer not to fix the problem until 
the bomb goes off, I guess that's fine by me
<fjp> vorlon: What is your "RM and generally sane person" opinion about 
#403706? My personal opinion is that it is not a d-i problem and that the 
fix suggested by Joey, though probably not as insane as I first thought, 
is still only a workaround, not a solution.
* joeyh gibbers quietly in his corner about liking to have a working 
network setup
<Sledge> :-)
<vorlon> fjp: um... my opinion is that it should be fixed, somehow, before 
release? :)
<fjp> vorlon: Note that there is no real actual problem. This would just 
be to prevent potential future problems.
<vorlon> oh?
<vorlon> so there's a workaround in place?
<fjp> vorlon: I'd be quite happy to downgrade it and for example mention 
something in the RN.
<fjp> The BRs that triggered this one were solved in udev.
<vorlon> ok
<vorlon> then yeah, downgrading seems ok
<joeyh> the remaining bug is that in random circumstances, the machine's 
primary network interface can take arbitrarily long to come up during 
<joeyh> In the meantime, daemons are starting
<joeyh> this lay lead to undefined behavior.
<joeyh> It's hard to make any claims about the behavior without auditing a 
bunch of daemons.
<fjp> Yeah, but IMO that is a structural problem in udev/init processing, 
and not a d-i network configuration problem. And after installation it 
becomes a sysadmin responsability.
<vorlon> we'll fix that for lenny by switching to upstart ;)

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