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Re: Powerstack II: installation success with some quirks

On Jan 4, 2007, at 1:28 PM, Frans Pop wrote:

(CC to Colin for comments about disabling prep support on CDs.)

On Thursday 04 January 2007 11:24, Ulrich Teichert wrote:
after using the correct daily netboot image:
cdimage.d.o:/cdimage/daily-builds/sid_d-i/20070103-2/powerpc/iso- cd/deb

That is not a netboot image...
The netboot image is:

Now, to the details:
booted the initrd-image from the CD over tftp with:
`boot net:<server-ip>,vmlinuz-prep.initrd,<client-ip>`

I'm not sure that we want to support booting a CD image over the network. The real netboot method and the hd-media method are valid alternatives.


Booting from the CD-ROM did not work and I didn't expected it would -
no big deal, IMHO, as long as it's noted in the manual. I've just
checked and prep is listed under supported architectures for CD-ROM
booting. If Powerstacks could be simply excluded there, this would be

If booting of CD is not supported, I'd just as soon remove support for
prep from CD images. The powerpc CDs are already very large because they have multiple kernels and initrds. Removing the prep support would free
up some much needed space for regular packages.

AFAICT the only change needed is to disable building the d-i prep cdrom
images in d-i build system; debian CD will then do the correct thing.

We'll still need the udebs and kernel image on the CD for the hd-media
installation method though.


Thanks for your testing and glad to hear you managed a successful install.

I support efforts to decrease the size of the powerpc CDs, but...

Unless the prep/netboot image from Wouter can reproduce this success, the changes Frans is suggesting will (If I understand them correctly) render this success obsolete. The process Ulrich described will not work with the etch/sid netinst CD if prep support is removed.

Or am I missing something?


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