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Re: Powerstack II: installation success with some quirks


>On Thursday 04 January 2007 11:24, Ulrich Teichert wrote:
>> after using the correct daily netboot image:
>> cdimage.d.o:/cdimage/daily-builds/sid_d-i/20070103-2/powerpc/iso-cd/deb
>That is not a netboot image...
>The netboot image is:

I know. I've installed almost *all* my netboot-only boxes this way - for
me and for everybody who has a slow network connection this is only way
for painless installs, IMHO.

>> Now, to the details:
>> booted the initrd-image from the CD over tftp with:
>> `boot net:<server-ip>,vmlinuz-prep.initrd,<client-ip>`
>I'm not sure that we want to support booting a CD image over the network.
>The real netboot method and the hd-media method are valid alternatives.

There is almost nothing to do to support this.

>> I've checked the manual and the net booting instruction for prep is
>> missing the "net:" string before the server IP address. `help boot`
>> would also be good to list, this gives a lot more information about
>> what is possible.
>The manual will be frozen for the Etch release at the end of this week. If
>something needs to go in, a bug report with a patch will need to be filed
>very soon by someone from powerpc community.

I see what I can do, are the svn-checkout instructions on the web valid?

>> Booting from the CD-ROM did not work and I didn't expected it would -
>> no big deal, IMHO, as long as it's noted in the manual. I've just
>> checked and prep is listed under supported architectures for CD-ROM
>> booting. If Powerstacks could be simply excluded there, this would be
>> appreciated.
>If booting of CD is not supported, I'd just as soon remove support for
>prep from CD images. The powerpc CDs are already very large because they
>have multiple kernels and initrds. Removing the prep support would free
>up some much needed space for regular packages.

For the reason above, I like it like it is. It eases testing for me
enourmously, let alone the install. I usually buy full CDs sets from
an approved vendor (and include a donation to debian in the payment)
and do the install as described. Please don't rule out everybody without
(or with slow) network connections which do netboots on PPC.

>> Partitioning: I first goofed totally because my prep-boot partition was
>I've seen your bug report about this. This is going to need debugging by
>someone from the powerpc community.

I fear so. The box will be available for test installs until etch is
released, BTW. Please disregard my previous description in the mail,
the bug report is much more accurate.

>> Reboot: I've used `boot disk` to get into the mkvmlinuz boot loader.
>> The initial reboot from disk did not work, because the kernel option
>> root=3D/dev/sda2 (in my case) was missing. As soon as I've added this to
>> the options listed on the mkvmlinuz boot prompt, disk booting
>> succeeded.
>This one is simpler to fix.

Good to hear.

>Thanks for your testing and glad to hear you managed a successful install.

No problem, I'm glad that I can give something back to debian now
that I have some free time. I will test other non-x86 platforms, I just
started with PPC by chance ;-)

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