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Powerstack II: installation success with some quirks


after using the correct daily netboot image:


I was able to install etch on my Motorola Powerstack II:

ut@pleddis:~$ cat /proc/cpuinfo 
processor       : 0
cpu             : 604r
clock           : ???
revision        : 49.2 (pvr 0009 3102)
bogomips        : 299.00
machine         : PReP Utah (Powerstack II Pro4000)
l2 cache        : 512KiB, parity disabled SRAM:synchronous, pipelined, no parity

Thanks to all who helped me! I think this is big step forward from the
"good" old woody days where you needed custom kernels and a lot of manual
intervention, great work!

Now, to the details:

booted the initrd-image from the CD over tftp with:
`boot net:<server-ip>,vmlinuz-prep.initrd,<client-ip>`

I've checked the manual and the net booting instruction for prep is missing
the "net:" string before the server IP address. `help boot` would also
be good to list, this gives a lot more information about what is possible.

Booting from the CD-ROM did not work and I didn't expected it would - no
big deal, IMHO, as long as it's noted in the manual. I've just checked and
prep is listed under supported architectures for CD-ROM booting. If
Powerstacks could be simply excluded there, this would be appreciated.

Partitioning: I first goofed totally because my prep-boot partition was too
small (5 MB: this is plenty for a kernel, but not for a kernel + initrd -
my fault). This is correctly resolved by the installer, it gives the right
error message during copying the kernel.
But changing this is not possible using manual partitioning. As soon as you
delete the prep-boot partition in the partitioner, regardless if you only
delete the prep-partition or all partitions one-by-one, an alert box pops
up with only question marks and "go back" and "continue" buttons. I was
not able to do anything useful afterwards and had to reboot. This is
As soon as I used guided partitioning/use full disk/all on one partition,
the created partition layout was fine and the install onto it was successful.

Reboot: I've used `boot disk` to get into the mkvmlinuz boot loader.
The initial reboot from disk did not work, because the kernel option
root=/dev/sda2 (in my case) was missing. As soon as I've added this to the
options listed on the mkvmlinuz boot prompt, disk booting succeeded.

Should I file bugs for the partitioning and disk boot issues?

Dipl. Inf. Ulrich Teichert|e-mail: Ulrich.Teichert@gmx.de
Stormweg 24               |listening to: Cauchemar (Opération S)
24539 Neumuenster, Germany|Good Looks, Big Deal (Sweatmaster)

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