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Re: who setup the "sudo way"

> On Monday 01 January 2007 13:49, julien.cerqueira wrote:
> > That's an interesting documentation, but it explains nothing
> > about sudo. I just want to know which program ask the user
> > about sudo configuration during the installation process. I'm
> > not sure that's debootstrap, and if that's it, I didn't find
> > anything about that in /usr/lib/debootstrap/scripts/etch. I
> > tried some dpkg-reconfigure on sudo and passwd without
> Ah, your original question was a bit confusing. You said
"you want to
> debootstrap the sudo way" some servers. I actually don't really
> understand what you mean by that, but understood you did not
want to use
> Debian Installer, but do a plain chroot install using

I'm sorry, my english is quite limited and I was a bit tired.

> In Debian Installer the component that asks if "a root
account should be
> configured or sudo should be used" is user-setup.

I think that's exactly what I searched.

> This _should_ be documented in (from a user's
> But I now see that that has not yet been done.
> However, if you just want to know about sudo, you should
read the sudo
> manpage. The command 'visudo' should be used to edit the
> file that determines who is allowed to do what using sudo.

That wasn't my needs, sorry again for confusion.

> Hope that helps. If you really only want to know more about
sudo, you
> should ask on a user mailing list, not here.
> Cheers,

Thanks for your time and your answers.


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