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Bug#405169: installation-report: installation report: Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook P7120 laptop

On ma, 2007-01-01 at 13:53 +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> Not sure what keystrokes you would like to take out. I think guided 
> partitioning is probably as lean as can be, unless we want to start 
> writing to disk without properly warning people what's about to happen. 
> (But we don't.)

I'd like a "partition the entire disk as a single encrypted partition,
no questions asked" option, I guess. I realize that I'm probably using
that as an euphemism for "read my mind and do everything right".

> Hmmm. Are you maybe missing suite symlinks on your mirror?

Indeed I am, there is no testing symlink (there are stable, unstable,
and oldstable symlinks, though, which is weird).

> If that is the cause, it may be that we are not catching that case 
> correctly.

That would seem to be the case, then.

> That is an X.Org configuration issue. If you want to follow up on this, 
> please file a BR there (xserver-xorg-core probably).

Will do, thanks.

Boilerplate programming mean tools lack power.

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