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Bug#405129: installation-reports: No message displayed if there is not enough space for the installation.

reassign 405129 tasksel
severity 405129 important

On Sunday 31 December 2006 17:08, alex wrote:
> I tried to install Etch using the RC1 installer (expertgui way).
> I didnt allocate enough space for the installation. Obviously, it
> couldnt finish the installation, and I was getting generic "I cant
> install" messages, giving me the option to try again, but I wasnt told
> that there just wasnt enough space. I had to get out of the
> installation and check for myself what was wrong.

In general this is a known issue. Required disk space for the different 
tasks are documented in the manual, but is not checked during the 
installation as technically this is not that easy to implement.
It is also not that easy (if possible at all) to detect out of disk as the 
reason for failures. The installer will respond much like a normal 
system: with a bunch of errors that can be checked in the logs.

How exactly did you partition your disk?
What tasks did you select?
On which file system did you run out of space?

The Desktop task should only be shown as installable if there is 
sufficient free disk space, though the check is probably too tight at the 

I've just checked the required disk space for tasks, and 2GB is probably 
too low for Desktop. IMO you have to consider that Standard + Desktop + 
Laptop should be installable together.

That means (installed + download):
Standard: 197 + 60
Desktop + Laptop: 1272 + 421 (Laptop adds only about 6 MB)

Grand total: 1950MB

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