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Re: [directfb-dev] [g-i] Problems with linux_input module and SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad

On Sunday 10 December 2006 12:28, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Sunday 10 December 2006 03:36, Frans Pop wrote:
> > Still "crashes" in the same way. The jump when I move the mouse for
> > the first time is _a lot_ bigger. Still completely freezes after that
> > and still only a grey screen with a pointer.
> Hmm. Actually, this issue seems unrelated to the touchpad patches. g-i
> freezes in the same way on my laptop if I try a daily netinst.
> I've narrowed it down to the change from kernel 2.6.17 to 2.6.18.
> I guess I'll have to do a git-bisect to find the patch that broke
> vesafb or mouse handling for my laptop.

Looks like I'm in luck. I've compiled a custom kernel using latest 
upstream stable kernel release ( and g-i booted normally with 
that. The Debian kernel team is preparing to upload that version, so 
hopefully this will be resolved some time next week.


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