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Re: Bug#402157: debian-installer: Bad apt command for grub on AMD64

Frans Pop wrote:
On Friday 08 December 2006 17:57, Eddy Petrișor wrote:
Grub fails to install on AMD64, when I check the virtual console the
command given is: apt-install grub
That command is valid, but if it fails, the installation process will
fail(stop) unless the command is ran something like "apt-install grub
|| true" which should queue the installation of the grub package in the

That is not completely correct. Whether installation is queued or not depends on the question if apt has already been configured or not in /target, not on the presence of "|| true"".

Hmm, that means the ppp package will be not queued if apt-install is ran
in ppp-udeb's postinst, doesn't it?

By the time grub-installer is run, apt should _always_ be configured in /target and able to install packages.

So the the correct place to run apt-install would be in finish-install.d
scripts (or at least for ppp-udeb)?

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