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Bug#402157: debian-installer: Bad apt command for grub on AMD64

On Friday 08 December 2006 17:57, Eddy Petrișor wrote:
> > Grub fails to install on AMD64, when I check the virtual console the
> > command given is: apt-install grub
> That command is valid, but if it fails, the installation process will
> fail(stop) unless the command is ran something like "apt-install grub
> || true" which should queue the installation of the grub package in the
> target.

That is not completely correct. Whether installation is queued or not 
depends on the question if apt has already been configured or not 
in /target, not on the presence of "|| true"". By the time grub-installer 
is run, apt should _always_ be configured in /target and able to install 

In short, we need to find out _why_ grub failed here.

Bob: Could you try to reproduce the error?
It would help very much if you could activate a trace for the script that 
is run during installation by uncommenting the "set -x" near the top 
of /usr/bin/grub-installer (after switching to VT2, using nano as 
editor). You can do that for example during partitioning.


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