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passing disk geometry to installer


I recently encountered a problem when trying to run the debian installer within xen to install debian etch as a guest operating system. When using a LVM volume mapped to let's say hda within the guest operating system, the linux kernel was not able to guess the geometry of the disk correctly probably because the emulated BIOS does not pass the correct values. Anyway, normally this would not be a problem since those parameters can be passed to the kernel but with the current debian installer (I think it was RC2 or RC3), I could not find a way to pass those parameters. Specifying hda=C,H,S or hd=C,H,S on the boot promt did not help. The later method was described in some rather old mailing list entry for some very old debian installer.

So is there a way to pass this parameter to the installer, or is there a way to modify the disk geometry after it has been detected by the kernel? If there isn't, I think this is a feature that should be added since more and more people are going to use their nice new CPUs to run virtual hosts and they might run into the same problem.



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