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Re: Boot floppies of RC1 broken for VAIO laptop

Op 04-12-2006 om 16:19 schreef Rainer Dorsch:
> For the poor owners of laptops with usbfloppies and without bootable cdrom, 
> the pxe-on-a-disk method will help a lot to get etch installed. Can that be 
> documented in the installation manual for etch?

It surely can. The only thing it takes is somebodies time.

The good thing of having it in a manual,
is that the information can be read in a sane order.

The sad thing is that we missed the change to have
the information allready in chronological reading sequence.

Search engine will pop-up this thread and the "finders" will have
a hard time how to get boot floppies of RC1 for VAIO laptop.

Please reply below the text!

Geert Stappers
in another plea to bottom post

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