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Re: daily builds with 2.6.18-3 fail to boot on SATA cdrom

Hi Frans,

thanks for your fast reply.

|--==> Frans Pop writes:

  FP> On Monday 04 December 2006 14:02, Free Ekanayaka wrote:
  >>both i386 and amd64 images of the latest daily builds will fail
  >>booting (the BIOS try to boot from CDROM, but fails and skips it)
  >>on this CDROM:

  FP> How and where exactly does it fail?

It simply tries  to  boot from the  CD-ROM  reader (I can see  the led
flashing), but it  fails and skip to  the next device (hard  disk), as
for example an audio CD disk with no boot sector was inserted.

  FP> Any messages at all?

No messages.

  FP> Do you get the initial boot splash screen?


  FP> Do the function keys to help screens work?
  FP> Does it do anything after you press enter?

As said, I don't even get to that point.

  FP> Any BIOS options you can try changing?

I'm not  sure, replacing the SATA  CD-ROM with  a  IDE one,  makes d-i
happy and boot painlessly. I don't know  exactly if there something to
set in the BIOS.. has somebody some experience here?

  FP> Does a Sarge installation CD boot correctly (which release did you try)?

I did test it, but I'll check 3.1r4 out.

  FP> Does an Etch RC1 installation CD boot correctly?

No, it fails as well, same behaviour.



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