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Bug#401296: Bug#395257: Workaround for keymap related bugs in g-i available, please test it

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Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:
> Hi Miroslav
> I believe the bugs you ran into are more similar to #401296 (G-I
> interface does not work in UTF-8 mode/input handled in 8859-1) and
> #394871 ( cdebconf-gtk-udeb: Dead keys do not work with French keyboard
> (fr-latin9) ) than to #395257.
> #395257 ([g-i] keymap change works only once), is about a different bug
> and recently fixed by fjp, so replying to 401296 and 394871 for relevant
> parts and dropping 395257.
>> The Czech keymap does not work as expected. It has two modes:
>> * By default it behaves like an ordinary English/US keymap (this
>>   works).
>>     By pressing AltGR+number from upper row you should be able to write
>>   some accented letters. That probably works too, but some of the
>>   letters are displayed as in different encoding, therefore showing
>>   wrong symbols. Please see http://www.debian.cz/~kurem/shots/
>>   d-i.png shows expected output from pressing keys 1-0, g-i.png shows
>>   current output from your g-i miniiso.
> That's very similar to what Eddy reported: "special" accented letters
> are displayed with wrong accents or symbols.
> Talking with Davide on IRC we both agreed that this is related to the
> way DFB handles input and not to DejaVu glyphs, otherwise also text in
> translated question description would look weird.

I am 100% sure the problem is an encoding issue. I *know* that the codes
generated by the interface would map to the correct glyphs if they would be
mapped over the iso-8859-2 encoding, not over iso-8859-1/iso-8859-15.

I have seen thousands of times the symbols seen in the screen shot I sent
and seeing those is a clear sign the encoding is iso-8859-1 instead of

But since the D-I environment should run in UTF-8 mode, the problem is that
some component seems to be running in 8bit mode.

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