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Bug#401296: [g-i] The point about bugs related to keyboard handling

Today i did some tests to dig into these two bugs

#394871: cdebconf-gtk-udeb: Dead keys do not work with French keyboard (fr-latin9)

This bug is about dead keys (e.g.: "[" with fr-latin9, "'" with br-latin1, "Pause" with cz-us-qwerty) not working in g-i

#401296: G-I interface does not work in UTF-8 mode/input handled in 8859-1

This bug is about AltGr + "key" producing, sometimes, a wrong character on a variety of keymaps, maybe becasue of wrong encoding.

I did the tests using this software suite

- DirectFB 1.0 rc2, which natively includes support for dead keys (DFB 0.9.25 used in g-i does not support deadkeys), so that i could not mess around with badly backported patches

-GTKDFB from CVS, which provides the gtk-demo test application, useful to test input handling at GTK level

-DirectFB examples, which provides df_input test application, useful to test input handling at the lower DFB level

all tests were done disabling the keyboard module (keyboard managed via linux_input)

* Test results for bug #394871 (deadkeys not working)

- Using df_input i could correctly use deadkeys for all the above listed keymaps

- Using gtk-demo i could not use deadkeys at all

-> I believe this bug is related to GTK and not DFB

* Test results for bug #401296 (wrong encoding)

- There were no differences between gtk-demo and df_input test results: both failed, as described by Eddy Petrisor for ro keymap and Miroslav Kure for cz-[lat2 | us-qwerty], to display some accented letters.

-> I believe this bug is related to DFB or a lower lever component

I really wonder if we'll make in time for Etch to fix these bugs, and if wouldn't be better concentrating on more severe bugs, like #373253 and #400898, which look like they can be easily fixed/workarounded in the short term.


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