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Re: Dictionaries-common prompts users FIVE times during a default French desktop install

On Thu, Nov 23, 2006 at 06:37:01PM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Thursday 23 November 2006 18:05, Agustin Martin wrote:
> > More things, I remember to have been prompted when apt-utils was not
> > installed and so, no pre-configuration was possible or, when due to
> > space limitation in the /var partition some sort of debconf database
> > corruption happened.
> >
> > So, does the problem appear at the pre-configure or at the postinst
> > stage? Do other questions appear at the pre-configure stage?
> Can you provide us with a version of the relevant package(s) (probably 
> only dictionaries-common) that dump some debugging output somewhere 
> (stderr will work)?
> I feel we are going around in circles on this issue and having a version 
> for testing that _shows_ what is happening would probably allow us to do 
> some real tracing instead of speculating.

Current dictionaries-common package already provides info to STDERR during
the first installation (and preconfiguration) if envvar


is set. It is however only about the process of default dict selection, but
if no preconfiguration is happenning, that info will not be shown. No info
is currently shown for individual dicts install, but I can try adding some
details about old and new choices if needed.



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