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Re: Re: RC1 with auto-RAID and graphical preseeding

Sorry for perhaps breaking the thread.
I forgot to mention I'm not subscribed to this list.
Please keep me Cc:'ed until then.

Otavio Salvador:
> Looks like there's something broken or your image or on the install
> itself. Have you rebuild the installer? If yes, you could have lose
> the preseed behaviour change that had some package splitting or
> like. Would be nice to check it.

I didn't it (and don't plan to). I just:

- fetched the .iso
- extracted the initrd.gz
- added the preseed.cfg to it
- rebuild the initrd.gz
- updated the md5sums
- rebuilt the .iso

Everything guided by instructions I've found in the wiki :-)

About Attilio's message: despite some weirds "error" values I'm using (that seems
null for what I want, anyway), the file syntax is right?

caio[1982] begotti

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